How can we serve you?


Ekouté can help you with a wide variety of needs, from strategic planning to performance assessment. However, our unique expertise is in building strong and effective feedback loops. Whether we do it for you, in partnership with you, or train your team to do it, we leverage our superior skills in survey design, data analytics and organizational change to help you gain meaningful, often unexpected insights to inform your programmatic work.



We believe that good plans show a strong understanding of how an organization is doing today and clearly articulate how it will achieve—and measure—its  impact in the future. With that in mind, there are three hallmarks to the way we approach strategic planning:

First, is information. All of our plans are guided by rigorous data collection and analysis related to “today” and “tomorrow”, assessing your organization’s distinctive competencies, the needs and perspectives of your stakeholders, and emerging trends in the field. 

The second is ambition. To achieve maximum impact, it’s important to push beyond your comfort zone—and we have the vision and courage to help you do that. 

The third is practicality. Consultants at Ekouté have been hands-on practitioners, with a working knowledge of operational realities. We’ll never propose a plan that can’t be honestly executed.



It’s our belief that stakeholder perspectives—especially those of the people you aim to serve—are a critical, yet largely untapped resource for fueling organizational improvement and change. To help your organization be the best it can be, we bring specific expertise in building effective feedback loops with your constituents, clients, and stakeholders. Through a combination of data collection, data analytics and organizational change methodologies, we’ll help you create and sustain meaningful engagement practices that uncover useful insights to inform your programs, operations and strategy. We’ll also show you how to make feedback a meaningful and enduring component of your performance measurement systems.



An impact measurement system is most effective when it’s informed by a strong understanding of how your activities lead to measurable and sustainable change .

By grounding our work in theory-of-change planning and a deep knowledge of the world of outputs, outcomes and assessment tools, we will successfully assist you in the development of multilayered impact measurement systems that fit your size and maturity. Additionally, we’ll help you rationalize data collection efforts and ensure your strategy, measurement techniques, and desired outcomes are fully aligned.